From Distribution to Mobile Payments to Arbitration and Fraud Dome, We provides
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MobiClix eco-system
Distribution and Publishing
Distribution and Publishing
  • fiber_manual_recordDistribute digital content, services, applications & more on mobile – globally
  • fiber_manual_recordGenerate over 1.5 Million USD per region from royalities within 20 months period
  • fiber_manual_recordAll-in-One distribution solution provides all you need to successfuly penetrate new territories
  • fiber_manual_record20+ markets globally in Europe, Middle East and Asia Pacific
  • fiber_manual_recordPotential reach of 984 Million users and over 2 Million paying subscribers within 2 years
  • fiber_manual_recordLaunch a new market in 4 to 12 weeks
Mobile Payment
Mobile Payment
  • fiber_manual_recordAlternative "One Stop" payment method thanks to MobiClix strong partnerships with 30 telcos globally.
  • fiber_manual_recordSeveral different payment gateways integrated into one which provides the unified payment solution for easier management, efficient data handling and faster integration.
  • fiber_manual_recordLocal presence in each market helps to accelerate launching process and provide a last up to date payment infrastructure within each market.
Marketing Technology
Marketing Technology
  • fiber_manual_recordIn-House developed unified attribution tool combining revenue data from payment gateways with advertising data for making smart business decisions
  • fiber_manual_recordMaximize ARPU and LTV while avoiding the additional CRM platform
  • fiber_manual_recordDirect integration to over 20 traffic sources
Advertising Solutions
Advertising Solutions
  • fiber_manual_recordProviding fully-managed agency model for managing marketing operations.
  • fiber_manual_recordAccess to over 1B impressions globally on monthly basis through 20+ leading marketing partners.
  • fiber_manual_recordKiller marketing team of over 15 media analysts combined with our data mining team to provide the best results for our partners.

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