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We offer customized mobile service platform for branded content.

Mobile Presence
  • fiber_manual_recordCustomized landing page to download or use the licensed content/service
  • fiber_manual_recordLocalized landing page ensuring that the service is presented to specific audience in each market in the easy-to-consume way following the local preferences
User Acquisition
  • fiber_manual_recordTargeted banner advertisement on mobile-optimized website will lead the user to a customized landing page offering him the smoothest way to subscribe to desired service
  • fiber_manual_recordMobiClix's In-house user acquisition ensures the quality of leads and safeguards client's brand image.
3Win-win Revenue
Sharing Scheme
  • fiber_manual_recordOpen an additional revenue stream with no additional development nor marketing efforts
  • fiber_manual_recordGet 2+ Million paying users within 2 years of cooperation
  • fiber_manual_recordStart earning revenues with flexible revenue sharing model tailored by our partners preferences

benefits of end to end
distribution eco-system

benefits of end to end distribution eco-system
Expand user base

Expand user base and create additional brand communication platform.

Sky rocket revenue growth

Sky rocket revenue growth with quality impressions from in-house UA and exclusive partners.

Supperior user experience

Supperior user experience with customizable platform to match target group's preference.

Safeguard brand

Safeguard brand from unwanted advertisement on the platform.

MobiClix Mobile Platform as a Service

"Winning consumer screen time"

MobiClix Mobile Platform Distribution Chart